Liver Loving Juice w/ Beets [Joyous Health]

Beet Juicing Recipe
Credit: Laura Hazelton

Your liver will love you after drinking this detox juicing recipe from Joy McCarthy, who blogs at Joyous Health. Beets are especially great in juicing recipes geared toward liver cleansing because they contain betaine, a compound that encourages the liver to get rid of toxins.

Beets also contain the fiber pectin which also helps your body flush out toxins that the liver has processed, rather than being absorbed again into your bloodstream.

Liver Loving Juice w/ Beet

* 1 large beet
* 2-3 medium carrots
* 2 parsnips
* Thumb size of fresh ginger

The benefits of juicing beets and ginger are awesome! Try this recipe for juicing and let us know how you feel from it!


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