4 Tips to Juicing for Stress Relief

Juicing for Stress
Credit: 123rf.com

Who wouldn’t want to know how to use juicing recipes to help relieve stress, especially in our fast paced world?! That’s why we wanted to share this insightful post from Anie Buckmelter, Founder of AnieBee Wellness.

We were particularly intrigued by her research on how adding garlic and ginger to your recipes for juicing acts as blood thinners which counteracts the blood-thickening that stress causes. Below is her list of 4 Tips to Juicing for Stress Relief:

Some general things to do:

1. Avoid sugar, caffeine, alcohol and drugs (duh)-These substances might provide temporary relief from stress symptoms but can actually make stress worse. Over stimulation can send the body into a higher state of shock.

2. Increase fiber intake-stress increases cholesterol levels in the body. Consuming fibrous foods such as kale and other leafy greens will help to neutralize cholesterol in the body and reduce absorption.

3. Increase garlic and ginger consumption-garlic a ginger are natural blood thinners. The reaction of stress on the body causes the blood to thicken-making one more susceptible to a stroke of heart attack.

4. Pump the Body full of:
-Vitamin C: kale, collard green and red bell pepper
-Zinc: ginger, parsley, carrot
-Magnesium: collard greens and parsley
-Potassium: parsley, spinach
-Beta-Carotene: carrot, collard greens, parsley
-Vitamin B: can be taken as a supplement in vitamin form

Here’s a recipe from Anie that is not only great for relieving stress, but also a great juicing recipe for weight loss! That’s because the benefits of juicing leafy greens like Kale and Spinach is that they have a low caloric value despite being full of fiber, which leaves you feeling full longer.

Stress Recovery Juice:

2 Kale Leaves
1 handful of spinach
3 sprigs of parsley
1 in ginger
2 carrots
1/2 sweet potato
1 red bell pepper

Source for recipe and article insights: http://www.seattlesqueeze.com/juicing-for-stress/


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