The Benefits of Cantaloupe in Juicing Recipes

Juicing Recipe Benefits with Cantaloupe
Credit: How Stuff Works

Not only does cantaloupe taste sweet, but it offers incredible health benefits when used as an ingredient juicing recipes. Cantaloupe was first cultivated in ancient Greece and Egypt some 4000 years ago. Today, this orange-fleshy melon is grown all over the world and as a result has many names, including mastmelon in India, mushmelon, muskmelon, rockmelon, sweet melon, Persian melon, spanspek (South Africa). To understand why this melon is the perfect ingredient for juicing recipes for weight loss, let’s take a look at the nutrients it is full of and how these nutrients impact your body.

Vitamin AThe beta-carotene most notable in carrots and sweet potatoes is the same nutrient that gives cantaloupe their light orange hue. This nutrient is a large source of Vitamin A which is helps your body maintain healthy tissues, strong bones, functional retinas, skin cell growth and a strong immune system. The results of adding cantaloupe to any healthy juicing recipe will help keep your eyes healthy and your bones strong!

Vitamin C
Adding fresh cantaloupe to your recipes for juicing at home will also give your body loads of Vitamin C. As an antioxidant, Vitamin C helps your body fight against oxidative damage to your cells and studies have shown that it also helps prevent some types of cancer.

Cantaloupe in your weight loss juicing recipes also provides a great amount of potassium. In fact, just one cup of cantaloupe can provide 10% of your daily required potassium intake.

In conclusion, get more cantaloupe into your diet through juicing receipes!! This fruit is packed with nutrients and makes a great addition to any of your favorite fruit or vegetable juicing recipes!

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