Benefits of Carrots in Juicing Recipes

Where would juicing be today without our friendly orange root vegetable, the carrot?! Carrot has been juiced long before it has become cool to “juice,” so let’s take a look at what makes this a must in your next vegetable juicing recipe.

Credit: World Community Cookbook
Credit: World Community Cookbook

Carrots are full of beta-carotene, which the liver converts to Vitamin A. The health effects from the Vitamin A and beta-carotene are tremendous. Vitamin A has been shown to slow skin wrinkling and aging, giving your skin a glowing effect, and this Vitamin also turns into rhodopsin which is responsible for giving you better vision at night. And beta-carotene helps prevent macular degeneration of the eyes. So it’s true, carrots really do give you better vision!

Carrots also have a cleansing effect on the liver and digestive system, and help to prevent kidney stones and relieve arthritis and gout. They also help to lower cholesterol and protect against cardiac disease.

Juicing recipes need carrots just as much as carrots need juicing recipes! We need to constantly consider how we can add this nutrient rich veggie into all of our recipes for juicing at home.

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