Benefits of Jalapeño in Juicing Recipes

Credit: Big Oven

We’ve all been there, faces throbbing and eyes tearing up, due to that chunk of jalapeño in your favorite Tex-mex food. You might be asking yourself how jalapeños have any value at all other than scorching your tongue!! But the truth of the matter is jalapeños are very nutritious, and make a great addition to juicing recipes.

Jalapeños should find their way into your recipes for juicing at home because they are packed with vitamin C, which aids in healthy tissue repair, boosts your immunity, and fights the effects of aging. They also have tons of vitamin A which improves skin and eye health, as well as antioxidants that help prevent the onset of disease.

But, according to the juicing experts at Roots Juices, that’s not even the “sexiest part of this superfood!” Jalapeno’s contain capsaicin in them which not only act as an anti-inflammatory and vasodilator (promoting healthy blood flow), they actually boost your metabolism!

We hope it’s clear now.  Jalapeños truly are a superfood! It’s sad that they get overlooked as a potential ingredient in healthy juicing recipes because they are spicy. But you can change that by implementing them into your recipes for juicing today! And then you can become an advocate to your friends after they see how much healthier you look and feel!

Looking for a great juicing recipe with Jalapeño?? Try this….

Roots Juices Jalapeño Immune Booster

Jalapeno Immune Booster - Roots JuicesRoots Juices - Shop Our Juicing Recipes


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