Benefits of Beets in Juicing Recipes

Credit: maria
Credit: maria

We decided to do a series of posts centered the benefits of individual vegetables/fruits in juicing recipes…and to kick things off, we’d like to introduce you to your friendly neighborhood root veggie, Mr. Beet!

Mr. Beet is an exceptionally awesome addition to any recipe for juicing. To find out why he’s so great (and to shift from personification to pun), we turn now to the literary genius and nutritional know-how of our friends at Roots Juices, and their awesome blog post “We’ve got beets.”

Beet juice is where it’s at, antioxidantly-speaking. Beets contain betalain which is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and aids in detoxification. You can blame betalain for the tongue-staining color of this superfood. You can blame me for the ridiculous amount of beet puns headed your way.

BEET your multivitamin.
Beet juice is rich in folate, potassium, vitamins A, C, & K, manganese, calcium, iron and nitrates. Holy nutrition, batman!

BEET fatigue.
Your body uses the nitrates found in beets to enhance blood flow, giving you the energy boost you need without having to reach for that chemical-laden energy drink. Gross.

BEET high blood pressure.
As little as one cup of beet juice a day has been shown to have dramatic effects in lowering blood pressure! Nutrition as medicine….natural AND cheaper.

BEET constipation.
Beets cleanse the intestines by stimulating their performance and improving peristalsis….a fancy word that means it keeps things moving along, if ya know what I mean.

BEET lame workouts.
Beet juice boosts exercise performance by balancing oxygen use and increasing stamina. In a 2009 study, researchers found that nitrates enabled people to exercise up to 16% longer! Longer workout= hotter bod.

WARNING: Beets go in red, and come out red. No need to seek medical attention, you are fine. Just betalain brightening things up.

What a funny, yet informative post about the benefits of beets in juicing recipes! If you’re interested in getting some beets into your diet ASAP, then give Roots “Restore” juice a try! It’s delicious, and nutritious!
You can order it online by clicking the image below:

Beet Juice Cleanse - Roots Juices


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