Great Resource for Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss

There was recently a great article posted by Roots Juices, a fresh-pressed juicing company in Dallas, TX, that listed a couple really good juicing recipes for weight loss. We wanted to put these juicing recipes on your radar.

According to Roots, there are two different people who might consider using juicing recipes for weight loss. Here’s what they have to say:

The first type is someone looking for significant weight loss. If this describes you, then you should consider a comprehensive juice fast (or juice cleanse) that lasts anywhere from a few days up to two months. This entails consuming juice in place of solid food each day of the fast. A juice fast expels harmful toxins from your body and strengthens your digestive system by infusing it with natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants. Once your digestive system is restored, weight loss comes more easily and naturally when complemented with a healthy and active lifestyle!…

The other type is someone looking to juice for moderate weight loss. Where the juice cleanse calls for replacing all solid food with juice, this method calls for a glass of juice (or two) per day to complement your wholesome, healthy diet. Prepare a juicing recipe for breakfast and follow-up it up with a healthy (and light!) lunch and dinner. Avoid resorting back to unhealthy foods, as this will counteract the restorative work the juicing recipeswere intended for!

To view the rest of the article and find the juicing recipes, click through the following link:

juicing recipes for weight loss »


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